Q. What is the F.A.Q. Page?

A. The "Frequently Asked Question" page (or, F.A.Q., for short), is a page that explains, as the name implies, answers frequently asked questions, and/or explains art terms in a way that's easy to understand, so that you may gain a better understanding and relationship with the art world. You don't have to know these terms to be an admirer, or collector, but it certainly helps understand what kind of art you're looking at. We feel that if admirers connect to the world of fine arts better, that it will help break down the misconception that art is only for the elites, the so-called social "upper-class". It isn't. The art world is for everyone to enjoy, no exceptions.


Q. Why is art so expensive?

A. Being an artist is a full-time job, and for many, it doesn't pay extremely well. It can take days to make a painting, even weeks, regardless of how big it is. You're not buying something "made in China" on an assembly line. You're buying something valuable, one of a kind, and made with love and tons of effort -- not all art even makes it to the gallery. Sometimes it's destroyed because the artist doesn't like the finished product... not to mention that the artist doesn't get all the money from the painting!

q. Well, then how does the artist get paid?

A. Art in a gallery has one of two kinds of statuses. 1) There are consignment pieces, which the artist gets the majority of the money from the sale, and then the other part goes to the gallery, which is their fee for selling the painting. How much each side gets is decided by the gallery and the artist, together, as business partners. Artists that sell in any gallery are usually no longer allowed to sell their artwork privately, making their art more expensive (to cover the costs of having someone sell their art, among other things). 2) The other kind of selling of a painting makes the artist NO MONEY, directly. This is when the gallery has bought the art themselves, and are selling it. This still benefits the artist, because it helps get their art farther out in the art community to be seen by new people, in new places, which, in turn, helps their status, slowly letting their artwork be worth more as their popularity increases. This is usually how art travels after the artist has passed away. All art sales help the artist in some way.

Q. I want to sell art at your gallery! how do I do that?

A. Unfortunately we are NOT taking on any more artists. Please do not contact us to make an exception. The reason for our firmness is because we get multiple requests, on a weekly basis, of artists wanting to get into our gallery. At the moment, we are much too full for more artists.

Q. Will you make an exception and take me on consignment?

A. We say no 99.9% of the time. The only time we will make an exception is if you're being sold in another reputable gallery somewhere else in Eastern Canada and, mostly importantly, are extraordinarily good. This gallery has many artists, including those on consignment, some of which are in the National Gallery of Canada -- the most esteemed gallery in Canada. We try to keep a certain caliber of work on display to maintain standards which our customers have come to value, as well as our gallery's unique identity as a member of the eclectic family of commercial galleries in Saint John. Also, please visit, in person, with your BEST art, or photos of it and if you believe you are of, or near, the caliber of art which we currently sell -- we will take time to look over your portfolio!

Q. I want to buy "X", will you hold it for me?

A. No, however, we do have payment plan options, which we will accept or offer at our discretion. We hold the right to say "no" to a payment plan and if a customer chooses to cancel their payment plan, we do not refund the money payed up until that point as that item was kept from other buyers during the payment plan.

q. I've changed my mind about a purchase and I want to return it. Can I?

A. We FIRMLY do NOT accept returns or exchanges. There are a huge number of reasons for this, such as the buyer claiming the art is "damaged" (we do not sell damaged art, except under special circumstances, and it is made 100% clear to the customer) or only wanting it for, say, a party, and then wanting to return it (we do not "rent" art). Our "return policy" is right on the wall, to your right, when you're leaving from the register to the exit.

Q. I'm allergic to cat hair and cannot visit places with cats, but I want to buy art.

A. Luckily we have this website and, if you don't wish to be in contact with cat hair/dander/etc., and/or wish to order from the comfort of your own home, you can! Just email us at cobaltartgallerysaintjohn@gmail.com! We ship internationally (you pay shipping! It's very reasonable!) and will deliver within the Saint John area (this includes Grandbay-Westfield, Quispamsis and Hampton, but only if your purchase is more than $100 + tax). If you're only allergic if you touch her, please try to avoid petting her... if you do, please ask to use our bathroom and you can wash your hands!

Q. Will you get rid of the cat if you get enough complaints?

A. Of course not. Lucky the cat lives at the gallery 365 days a year, 7 days a week, even when the gallery isn't open. This is her home -- we would never ask you to leave your home! The vast majority of our customers, and 100% of our staff, adore her! We've had basically zero complaints, in comparison to the people who get excited upon seeing a kitty in the gallery. If you're allergic to cats, please don't pet her... if you do by mistake, please ask to use our bathroom and you can wash your hands -- we want you to enjoy yourself!

Q. But I'm afraid of cats!

A. No problem!! Promptly let us know and we'll put her somewhere else until your browse is over! We are happy to accommodate you!